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Nepali Calendar is also known as Nepali Patro is a Bikram Sambat Calendar.


Bikram Sambat, which is abbreviated as B.S. is believed to be initiated by King Vikramaditya. King Vikramaditya of Ujjain started Bikram Samvat in 57 BC and it is believed that this calendar follows his victory over the Saka in 56 B.C.


Bikram Sambat, (Devanagari script: बिक्रमसंवत) is the official calendar of Nepal.

In addition to that Nepal also uses the Gregorian, Nivari, and Nepal Sambat calenders.

In Nepal, A year is वर्ष (Barsha), a month is महिना (Mahina), a week is known as हप्ता (Hapta), and Day as in 'Wednesday' is called बुधवार (Budhavāra). Also, a day is 'दिन' (din).

The Difference

The Bikram Sambat calendar is 56.7 years ahead of the solar Gregorian calendar.

The new year in Nepali Calendar begins in the month of Baisakh, which is in April or May months in Gregorian calendar. The year ends with the Chaitra month i.e. March, April time in Gregorian Calendar.


Nepali Date to English Date: Subtract - 56 Years - 8 Months - 17 Days

English Date to Nepali: Add - 56 Years - 8 Months - 17 Days

The Structure

The Nepalese calendar consists of 12 months, with the number of days in a month ranging from 28 to 32.

Nepali Months

S.N. Nepali Month In Nepali Days Gregorian Months
1 Baishakh बैशाख 30/31 Mid April to Mid May
2 Jestha जेष्ठ or जेठ 31/32 Mid May to Mid June
3 Asar आषाढ or असार 31/32 Mid June to Mid July
4 Shrawan श्रावण or साउन 31/32 Mid July to Mid August
5 Bhadra भाद्र or भदौ 31/32 Mid August to Mid September
6 Asoj आश्विन or असोज 30/31 Mid September to Mid October
7 Kartik कार्तिक 29/30 Mid October to Mid November
8 Mangsir मार्ग or मंसिर 29/30 Mid November to Mid December
9 Poush पौष or पुष 29/30 Mid December to Mid January
10 Magh माघ 29/30 Mid January to Mid February
11 Falgun फाल्गुन or फागुन 29/30 Mid February to Mid March
12 Chaitra चैत्र or चैत 30/31 Mid March to Mid April

Nepali Days

The week begins on Sunday (आइतबार) and ends on Saturday (शनिबार).

S.N. Nepali Days Pronunciation English
1 आइतवार Aaitabar Sunday
2 सोमवार Sombar Monday
3 मगलवार Mangalbar Tuesday
4 बुधवार Budhbar Wednesday
5 बिहिवार Budhbar Thursday
6 शुक्रवार Sukrabar Friday
7 शनिवार Sanibar Saturday