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Here is the Nepali Calendar 2088 Asoj

Asoj is the first month of Nepali Bikram Sambat BS Calendar 2088.

nepali calendar 2088 asoj

Asoj also known as Ashwin is the sixth month in the Bikram Sambat, the official Nepali calendar. This month coincides with September 17 to October 17 of the Western Calendar and is 31 days long.

Ashwin is the month of the 15-day harvest festival Dashain, Nepal's main festival. Most of people are free in this month, Nepal's holiday month.

Being mostly based on Hindu calendar, Nepali calendar's festival dates are flexible. Important events are: Ghatasthapana, First Day of Dashain, Fulpati, Seventh day of Dashain, Ashtami, Eighth day of Dashain, Nawami, Ninth day of Dashain, Vijaya Dashami, Tenth and main day of Dashain.

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